Why Should You Hire A Construction Consultant?

Stephen Rayment: Is there in your house a debate on hiring a construction consultant for your new project? Is that the condition where both the parties not able to come up with the perfect conclusion that why they should go with their decision?

Then, it’s time for you to convince the entire audience with your knowledge regarding why you should go for hiring a construction consultant? As the CEO of Systech international, Stephen Rayment has come up with some essential conclusion that helps you to decide why you should go with construction consultant service:


Professional handling of claims  

The experienced construction claim specialist is well aware of all the tricks and tactics that are related to disputes and where they can extend their claims. Also, they have professional experience to claim that are related to extending projects cost, damages, cost escalation and much more. As they have years of experience they know how to come up with a win- win experience each time.

Technical jargon understanding

Every construction is carried out by a different form of technical jargon especially at a time when these are prepared by the lawyers. According to Stephen Rayment, a construction consultant can help you to get aware of all the hidden catch that are prepared by these lawyers in from of technical jargon. And, also provide you good opportunity to tackle them in an easy manner.

Futuristic Plans for right course

A construction consultant also knows what are different nature and course of construction claims. So to come up with the right futuristic plans for the right course it’s an important resource to look for construction consultant. On their various approaches and analysis that help you out to come up with a right recommendation to save time, money and resources.

Meeting with changing standards

To keep up with the environment changing business it’s important to get ready to meet with changes that are done with standards. Construction consultant tries to remain in better position by keeping them self on the top of the constructions claims. By this, they could easily match the changing standards that could change at any point in time.

Expert Ability for Negotiation

Mark Woodward Smith the technical advisor of the systech international, tries to throw light when it comes to the expert ability for negotiation as he himself is known for his expert ability of negotiation. As constructions are influenced by different matters so even at the time the project are almost done can require an expert as construction consultant that could help them to reduce the expenditure with the passage of time.

These were the few points that were introduced by Stephen Rayment Systech and Mark Woodward Smith which could help you to give a clear picture why you should go for hiring a construction consultant.

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Importance Of Sustainability For The Construction Industry

Stephen Rayment: Sustainability!! As every buddy must already familiar with this term that defines a quality of material, things and nature of persons. That how rigid this material, things and the human being can be, to possess their quality.

For many it’s just another word for a dictionary, but when it’s related to prospects of engineering especially in a case of construction of some equipment, machinery, monuments or some luxury hotel or private sky skelter. It means a lot as now you are dealing with multi-billion projects and more important with thousands of workers life and people expectation.

So, for this time Stephen Rayment owner of one of the leading multinational construction company Systech International, with 28 branches in different nations all around the world. To guide you with some most crucial aspect that you could keep in your approach to sustainability in the construction industry:


Government Strategies

As it’s very much important that human creation might not be responsible for the human life and health hazard. Thus it’s very important to take steps to the local law body or by the government that helps to seek the betterment of human health and condition and planned approach for sustained nation development.

Green Building Approaches

At the time of consigning projects to the different consultant, it must be recommended or we can say it’s our duty to find someone who must have thought and concern toward the environment. Thereby keeping green building techniques that could help you as well as your generation to conserve limited natural resources.

Nation Energy Conservation

Different nation and countries have various features that could help them to generate their source of energy. In fact, many have such opportunities and capabilities that they could together generate renewable energy for the whole nation. In such cases, approaches must be appreciated by every individual to continue practicing such steps for sustained development of the nation.

Sustained and Efficient Products

Many a time you also feel embarrassed or humiliated when you are caught or find guilty while using those products which are of cheap rate and with no efficiency or durable lifespan that in a sack to save more or for better profit. But never aware of consequence that could take place at the time when some mistook happen.

Thus it’s very much important to mind our ways and follow better ways that could help one to keep the things sustainable. These are the few crucial points that one can follow by means of Stephen Rayment Systech so that they could continue methods of sustainability for the construction industry.

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Choosing The Best Building Materials For Your Project

Beauty lies in the eye of Beholder! Thus how each time you come with different monuments and building all around the world. As each time the basic items that are used for construction is same but the art of choosing them and then coming with own innovative ideas to give a whole new creation. For this reason, it’s important to choose the best material for the projects.

For construction various things are put under consideration and what all kind of resource material that is available and favorable according to the various factors that govern that area. So, depending upon location, budgets, environment atmosphere, soil, and various other factors we decide for the best material that could go with the projects.

Here are some suggestion and points provide by Stephen Rayment Systech for a house, building or an apartment where different types of material could be used for construction and giving a stylish and spectacular look:

Basements and Foundations

Foundation of any building plays a vital role to keep it standing for ages. For this reason, the proper blueprint of the foundation is planned by architecture to that it could last for long period of time. Even when there is slop or wet soil then building basement is bit avoidable.

House Framing

Wood farming is always being a first preference where the wood was in abundance or it’s cheap to afford. Whereas according to Stephen Rayment its alternative steel and concrete block are now in more demand as they are more durable and have the better life span.

Windows and Patio Doors

It would be like going through all the pages of encyclopedia when it comes to patterns and building material for windows and patio doors. As these play the main role for giving the appearance, energy efficiency and maintenance, therefore, they are engineered and built in more sophisticated manner.

Roofing Materials

Choosing material for roof construction could depend upon various weather, climate factors as it helps to maintain the inner temperature and pleasant atmosphere for people who are living inside them. Depending on the weather and energy that is associated with its construction you have a huge option of roofing such as Asphalt shingles, wood shingles, metal roofing, cement tiles, and even rubber roofing are available.

Drywall, Tile Flooring, and Wall Tile

We all spend maximum time of our life between the walls of our house, an office building, malls, and stores. So naturally there are plenty of ways by which you could make them attractive and at the same time resistive from moisture, fire and another coating as necessary. To cut cost for future expense and maintenance tile flooring and wall tile are nowadays more in fashion.

Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Cabinets  

Moreover especially in the case of kitchen and bathrooms cabinets where different people visit throughout day and night time and also with the perspective of health and hygienic it must be made up of such material that could be easy to keep clean and dry. Also, the paint used to color their wall must be of plastic cover so that no strain what so ever may spoil the looks of walls.

These are few points that are provided by Stephen Rayment that could help you to choose the best material for your projects.

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Systech International advising on BIM

We are hearing so much in the past years of the importance of the technology in every aspect. And this is not by a coincidence. Some people had an idea about this long time ago, but today their predictions became reality. Today, the United Kingdom Construction Industry stands proudly over a cup of the new time, the age of digital design, also known as BID- a Building Information Modeling.


According to the Government of the UK, BIM refers to a value creating collaboration that is found along the whole life circle of the assets, underpinned by collocation, creation and the exchange of the modern 3D models, adding intelligent and structured data information into them. Simply said, it is a sociotechnical process that lies on a supportive technological base, linked with social components from the surrounding.

Implementing the Building Information Modeling is actually a great thing for all the investors since due to the capability of the governmental departments to electronically validate the BIM information; thousands of pounds will be saved.

You probably have heard about the Systech International, a company that is offering support of many commercial, procedural and contractual issues to their contractors throughout the whole project delivery process. As they are keeping up with everything, BIM is nothing new they cannot handle. The specialized team they have is ready to answer all the concerns their clients have regarding this question. And having in mind that the mandatory BIM is completely introduced in the Government’s projects, it is understandable that there will be some inconvenience. Therefore, Systech International’s team is ready to provide their favors regarding the following things

– will help you become familiar with Level 2 BIM

-will make you be aware of the BIM protocol

– will teach you how this protocol will have influence over your project procedures

-will make you understand your collaboration obligation

– will help you become aware of the intellectual property, ownership, and copyright of the issues

– will inform you that you need to find and BIM Information manager as a part of the team of the project and what are the procedures regarding that person

According to Stephen Rayment Systech, the Managing Director of Systech International, BIM is offering many benefits to the contractors such as providing working from the same data, the possibility to evaluate the proposals, the 3D modeling that helps to eliminate the errors, the improvement of the assets management and others. But, as anywhere, when introducing a new protocol there probably will flow up some problems. Here as problems are showing up the lack of the compatible systems, protocol, and standards since there are different requirements for the employers, contractors and the designers. That is the reason of introducing the BIM Level 2 that requires a managed 3D environment to be held in separate digital tools, along with data attached in a common file.

The documents needed for this protocol are nine, from which as the most importance is the CIC BIM protocol, who is actually a legal agreement, who is creating additional duties, obligations and rights for the employer, contractor, and the designer. Due to the issues that are flowing from the implementation of BIM, the Government has set a final date for developing a BIM 3, that should have the capability to electronically validate the information from the protocol and help to save assets and unnecessary costs and most importantly, allow the UK to maintain the world’s leadership position in digital construction

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